600 days travelling Australia!

Recently, we have passed the massive milestone of 600 days since leaving home (I wrote this whole post about it being 500 days until I recalculated... oops 🤣). We've had plenty of new followers since we first began our journey in February 2017. We've seen the most amazing sites around this vast country, we've made… Continue reading 600 days travelling Australia!


⚡🇦🇺 Pros and Cons of Travelling Australia in a Roof Top Tent 🇦🇺⚡

If you've been following us since the beginning, you would know that we took off on our 'Big Lap' in February 2017. We started the trip with a brand new Jayco Dove Outback camper trailer. Three months into out trip, after much deliberating, we parked up the trailer and decided to buy a rooftop tent… Continue reading ⚡🇦🇺 Pros and Cons of Travelling Australia in a Roof Top Tent 🇦🇺⚡


New beginnings… 

Well, today marks 3 months on the road and I guess you could say it is also day one of our revised adventure. We left from Gladstone, QLD and are currently in Horsham, VIC. We spent our first three months in luxury, in our brand spankin' Jayco Outback Dove (decked out with aircon/heater and everything… Continue reading New beginnings…