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There’s nothing better than crystal clear waters, good company and no phone reception 👌

In September, we spent a week at Ningaloo Station, a 50 000 hectare pastoral lease in North West Australia.

A week on a beach front (massive) campsite was only $70 for 2 adults 👍 Can’t complain about that!

🚻⚠️At Ningaloo Station, you must be fully self-sufficient, meaning you bring everything you need and leave nothing behind. There are no facilities whatsoever. So BYO toilet and chemicals, firewood, water and anything else you might need!

We had heard about this site and others in the area from other travellers and it was definitely on our To Do list.

We chose to camp at Winderabandi Point as we hired a boat for a week from Exmouth. Unfortunately the fish were not happening for us much! ⚓🐟 We did however see loads of whales, sharks, turtles, dolphins and stingrays 🐳🦈

There are multiple campsites to choose from but we didn’t explore any of the others – at Ningaloo you receive a key for your campsite gate upon check-in at the Homestead.

🛣There are many different reports on the road condition to Ningaloo Station, some saying it’s the worst road they’ve driven … well we had no issues! We’ve driven on worse roads!

You can also book these campsites online at the Ningaloo Station Website.

Amazing spot – definitely one to return to 🙌

Another day, another lack of keepers🤣

Crystal clear waters 💧

Blaine filleting a Queenie I caught from in front of our campsite🐟

Kurt and Blaine ready for another day of adventures 🎣

Catching these 2 fellas was lots of fun, especially when the boys weren’t around to help! 🤣 #hopeless

Another perfect day ☀️

Putting the hire boat in 🎣

Ningaloo Station – Winderabandi Point 👌

Ningaloo Reef 🐳

Ningaloo Station 😍

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