New beginnings… 

Well, today marks 3 months on the road and I guess you could say it is also day one of our revised adventure.

We left from Gladstone, QLD and are currently in Horsham, VIC. We spent our first three months in luxury, in our brand spankin’ Jayco Outback Dove (decked out with aircon/heater and everything you could ever need). BUT …. We have made the massive decision to ditch the camper and continue our travels with a roof top tent.

We’ve had a massive few days preparing the car and fitting the new tent and awning (and culling our clothes!) Other than the lack of space for the hair straightener 😣, we are happy with the results.

The plan is… have less, see more. We found that although we loved Dave the Dove, we were held back by him a lot. We can now go anywhere we want and not have to worry about the trailer and whether it’ll get in. We have also decreased our set up time to about 2 minutes…. more time for beer.🍺

Here is a 3 month overview of our trip… records based on week 11 (due to spending a ridiculous amount this week):

  • FUEL – $2026 ($184 per week)
  • FOOD/ALCOHOL – $3979 ($362 per week)
  • OTHER (Repairs, car service gear, gas, entry tickets etc) -$3127 ($284 per week)
  • ACCOMODATION- $893 (77 nights = 10 nights @ paid National Parks, 20 nights @ Caravan Parks/showgrounds/farm stays and 47 nights @ Free camps/free National Park sites) ($81 per week)

Total = $10025 = average spend of $911.36 per week

Most expensive week – $1229.50
Cheapest week – $149.93

Kilometres travelled: 8758km
Most expensive fuel – Fraser Island $1.98/L
Cheapest fuel – Bairnsdale $1.16/L
Diesel used – 1431L

Favourite free camp: Talbotville Campground (Victorian High Country)

Favourite cheap camp: Marloo campground (Fraser Island)

Favourite caravan park: Blue Dolphin, Yamba

No. of ‘Oh, sh*t’ moments – 4 (2 today!)

No. of fights – 0

No. of boxes of shapes consumed – 24

Cartons of beer – 9

Most days without showering – 4

No. of flat tyres- 1 (destroyed the rim too)

Things we miss – real showers, clean feet, flushing toilets, friends and family.

Things we don’t miss – early mornings, working and writing report cards.

No. of times we regret packing up our lives and travelling Australia – 0

Compared to other travellers, we spend a lot of money per week. We are hoping to get this figure down now that we aren’t towing. We definitely don’t go without…if we see something we want, we will usually get it or do it or eat it! We figure we can make the  money back in the future!
Check back next week, we’ll be posting about our budget setup inside the canopy and how we fit our lives into a tiny area!
Shenaid and Blaine 😊

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