Week One

Week one has been and gone in a flash. We spent 1 night in Bundaberg, 2 nights in Woodgate and 7 at the wonderful, sandy Fraser Island.

If you’ve been following us on Instagram you would’ve seen that our arrival onto Fraser Island was a bit of a rough start to our trip.

We took the barge from River Heads and landed on the West side of the island.  From here, we needed to take an inland track to cross over to the eastern side.  If you’ve been to Fraser before, you will understand how long that might take. As our camper is relatively new and hasn’t been used all too much, we were hoping for the best whilst towing through soft sand. Well, it was a bit of a nightmare.

We managed to make it over half way when we first got bogged. At this stage we were still feeling super positive, even laughing about it. We got the shovel and the max tracks out and got ourselves free. It happened again, not much further along. And then again. Blaine had to make use of the winch, also. By this stage we were hot, covered in sand and had lost our positivity.

The next part really made our day. We hit a large bump in the sand (probably going too quick) and heard a massive bang. Out we hopped to discover that a piece of someone’s old metal leaf spring from their car had pierced the back tyre of the car and destroyed the rim. Blaine had to dig for about half and hour in order to wedge the jack under the car. Luckily, a couple of nice guys came along and helped out. It was also super lucky that this all happened in a spot where people could drive around us.

While Blaine was working super hard in the heat to get the tyre changed, I decided to crawl into the camper trailer to get him a bottle of water from the fridge.  I unlocked the door to discover an absolute mess. It was evident from the smell that wafted from the camper that something was seriously wrong. With all the banging of the bumpy road, the camper fridge has swung open and spilt it’s contents. Including, but not limited to, 12 fresh eggs. Everywhere.

So while Blaine fixed the car, I cleaned the camper floor and tried not to vomit. Many objects were thrown in the bin that day. Including clothes, food items, bowls and our quilt. Lucky it’s not cold!

After about 2 hours, we were on our way again. We had about 1.5 hours before we would arrive at our intended camping area. Thankfully, the rest of the day went well. We got unpacked and set up in an amazing beach site right on the water, with no neighbours in sight.
Driving without the camper behind us is a breeze so the rest of the trip has gone nice and smoothly (touch wood – we still have to get through Inskip tomorrow😂). We visited Sandy Cape, Eli Creek, Ocean Lake, Platypus Bay, Lake McKenzie and lots of other little areas between.

We decided not to return to the other side of the island and instead go home the Inskip Point way. Even though we will not get a refund on our return ticket (boo).

So, tomorrow we will attempt the trip to Inskip. Fingers crossed it won’t be another dreadful day. From there we will stay in Rainbow Beach and then head further south.

Blaine and Shenaid 😊

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