Off we go….

After what seems like years, we are (finally) leaving on our big adventure. There were a few minor setbacks which prolonged our departure date slightly (car troubles, work commitments etc.). But, now we are ready to go!

Tomorrow we leave for the ‘Big Lap’. A trip around Australia. I have promised family and friends I would document our travels using a blog, so here it is! I am unsure how long I will be able to keep this going as I tend to lose interest pretty quickly. We will see how we go…..

About 7 months ago, I was talking to a colleague at work about my future. I was in charge of 25 little prep students and she knew how uncomfortable that made me!! She asked all sorts of questions about what I wanted to do and achieve. By the end of the conversation she had convinced me that I needed to travel.

I went home that afternoon and texted Blaine (we had only been together maybe 4 months at the time). “Let’s travel Australia next year?!” I expected a different answer than the “Yeah, okay sounds good!”that I received. I expected to have to do a lot of convincing and begging. That night we spoke on the phone about it and pretty much had our plan worked out, we would use his rooftop camper and Patrol and off we would go.

About a month later, we went to a caravan and camping show in Emerald. I tried my hardest to convince Blaine that it would be so lovely to travel Australia in a nice 80 grand caravan (and failed). Then we saw it…. the (other) love of my life. A Jayco Camper trailer. I had seen these babies before but it wasn’t until we went inside the demo, sat down and looked at the price that we (well, I) really got thinking. I got in Blaine’s ear about how everything would be much easier/nicer/more relaxing with one of these campers in our lives. When we got back to the car, (after thinking I had once again failed with my convincing/pestering) Blaine said we should go back in and have another look, maybe talk to a salesman.

Fast forward a few months and I’m sitting in my brand spankin’ new Jayco Dove Outback. Named Dave.

Which brings us to where we are today. Saying goodbye to family and friends and setting off into the unknown. We are heading off South first, with no particular plan in mind. No time frame. No responsibilities. BLISS.

Enough rambling. Please think of us while we are spending yet another day napping at the beach or adventuring through cool places. And in turn, we will think of you while you are stuck writing report cards or whatever you may do.

Shenaid and Blaine ๐Ÿ™‚

P.S Thanks Mum and Dad for putting up with me living at home again!

P.P.S Go and follow our instagram page @camperaustralis – we will probably keep that more up to date than this blog!


4 thoughts on “Off we go….”

  1. Sounds fantastic,would love to do just that and travel,but I need to get my husband moving first. Too much garden etc always an excuse,but I told him you are dead for a long time!right.


    1. Hi Sharon ๐Ÿ™‚ We haven’t really added much for the trip. We have done the fridge fan mod to help the fridge work better. We took out the smaller mattress, as there is only two of us, and we have replaced that with storage for clothing etc. We got 2 x water tanks when we purchased and have added on the Joolca hottap on the drawbar. We also bought 2 x pvc tubes for storing poles ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘


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